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even if you don’t live in canada, you could have canadian followers, don’t you dare scroll past this.
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"Yeah… fuck you."
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Babies Experiencing Things For The First Time



First time watching fireworks:


 First time being dunked into water that’s way too cold:


First time getting caught in a bubble shower:


First time driving through a dark tunnel:


First time chatting with a puppet:


First time finding a new recipe in a cooking magazine:


First time forgetting how spoons work:


First time seeing ice cream:


Whenever I’m feeling sad, I look at this and realise how fucking amazing the world is

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Today I put my hand in my backpack and felt a stress ball and I was like “oh? I have a stress ball?” and I squeezed it and it was a pear and it exploded and now I’m much more stressed than I was earlier :/

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